The Pfeifer Prostate Protocol

Information on Prof. Pfeifer's Protocol for Prostate Cancer (Updated: 3/1/21)


The Pfeifer Protocol is a supplementary nutritional program developed by Professor Ben Pfeifer, M.D., Ph.D., in Switzerland that can be helpful with hormone refractory prostate cancer.

Professor Pfeifer's protocol for hormone refractory prostate cancer can vary depending upon the case. The normal nutrient specification for approximately a 6-month program is given below, and consists of five primary nutritional supplements (to source these supplements see the Resources section):

PLEASE NOTE: A doctor's supervision is always recommended as well as monthly PSA tests (including one before you start). The reason for this is that the treatment itself is dependent upon PSA. Also, do not stop any prostate medication you are taking without your doctor's okay. (This is usually gradually reduced once PSA levels are consistently low.)

Here is the Pfeifer Protocol in more detail:

  1. PROSTASOL by Medpro is a herbal food supplement formulated for prostate health containing herbs such as saw palmetto, pygeum, reishi, ginger, stinging nettle, skullcap, beta sitosterol and other compounds.
    Directions: Take 3x3 tablets per day, preferably on an empty stomach half an hour before a meal (3 before breakfast, 3 before lunch and 3 before dinner), until PSA-level NADIR is reached. Continue to take 3x3 for about 2 months even when NADIR is reached and then start reducing PROSTASOL dosage step-by-step slowly while checking PSA levels every month. Dr. Pfeifer usually reduces PROSTASOL dosage from 9 to 8 capsules per day and then stays at this level for one month, and then reduces to 7 per day and stays at that level for 1 month. The PSA should be checked monthly. Often, PROSTASOL can be reduced to a maintenance dose of about 1-2 capsules per day with stable PSA levels. Remember, however, that each patient is different.
    Please note that Medpro’s PROSTASOL should not be confused with the product sold in the US under the same name. Medpro’s PROSTASOL contains a few additional ingredients to make it more effective, and is manufactured exclusively in the Netherlands, Europe using ingredients regulated by the Dutch ministry of Health. Medpro's PROSTASOL is made under HACCP, GMP and GNP, and none of its ingredients are tainted with synthetic oestrogens.

  2. BIOBRAN by DHD Europe is a natural food extract, made from "pre-digested" rice bran using enzymes from Shitake mushrooms. It is a powerful immune booster which works by stimulating the activity of T and B cells and particularly NK (natural killer) cells which form the front line of defence of our immune system. There are over 15 published studies in scientific journals which show that BioBran is one of the most effective and safe immunomodulators available for immune-compromised individuals.
    Directions: 1 or 2 x 1000mg sachets of Biobran daily (ideally 20 minutes after a meal dissolved in 50 to 100 ml water). If you start with 2 sachets per day, this can usually be reduced to 1 sachet per day after the first month of treatment.

  3. IMUSAN by Medpro is a natural product, composed of extracts from carefully selected plants aimed at helping us maintain a healthy immune system. It is composed of extracts from carefully selected plants aimed at supporting normal immune system function.
    Directions: Take one capsule 3 times a day 2 hours before or after a meal (3 caps a day total).

  4. PROSTALIN-C by Medpro is a blend of nutritional supplements, formulated with vitamins, trace elements, ginseng, lycopene and green tea extract for optimum prostate function.
    Directions: 2 or 3 tablets per day with meals. Dr. Pfeifer generally does not reduce the dosage of this supplement during his protocol.

  5. CURCUMIN COMBI EXTRA FORTE by Medpro is an extract from the turmeric spice contains the potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compound curcumin, plus resveratrol — a plant compound from red grapes with strong antioxidant benefits.
    Directions: 3 x capsules a day with meals. Again, the dosage is not reduced during protocol.

Should you feel nausea taking the ProstaSol, you can take it with meals instead of 30 minutes before.

In addition to the above, when/if ProstaSol stops working, one can substitute Prostectan or ask Dr. Pfeifer for an evaluation by email or SKYPE conference.

Pfeifer Protocol Summary

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Resources for the Pfeifer Protocol

Supplier for Protocol Food Supplements - The Really Healthy Company


Professor Ben Pfeifer M.D. Ph.D., a passionate medical doctor and scientist for 46 years, received his medical education and specialty training in Germany, the United States and Switzerland.

His specialties and main interests are immunology, intensive care medicine, oncology, stem cell research. For more than 20 years he has practiced complementary cancer therapy and consults with patients worldwide.

For his achievements, Professor Pfeifer was honored with the Humboldt-Prize in Germany and the Immunology-Research Prize in the USA. He has published over 70 articles in peer-reviewed medical journals, several book chapters for medical textbooks, and the first textbook of “Integrative Oncology”.

Dr. Pfeifer is founder of Integrative Cancer Care (, powered by Aeskulap International, and is available for Skype consultations.

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